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Colin Darke is originally from England and has been living in Ireland since 1988 - in Derry for twenty years and subsequently in Belfast. The form of his work changes often, but has often incorporated (mostly Marxist) texts, initially referencing “comms”, smuggled letters written by political prisoners. He often directly considers significant historical events, particularly moments of revolution and state oppression of popular action. In recent years, this has been dominated by the Paris Commune of 1871. Much of his work references that of Courbet, the Russian Constructivists and Duchamp and attempts to follow Brecht’s theories of epic theatre. Group exhibitions include: Manifesta 3 (Ljubljana, 2000); Venice Biennale (2003); Labour & Wait (Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 2013); MAC International (2014); Everything Must Go (Lewis Glucksman Gallery, 2015). He has held solo shows in Ireland, Britain, Italy and Canada. In 2015, he won the inaugural VAI/Suki Art Prize.


Uploaded on Monday 13th of November 2017
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