Antun MaracićBojan Mucko and Ana Mušćet 04102018

Curator of exhibition and moderator: Josip Zanki Exhibition I Saw a Woman in Inverness Whom I Shall Never Forget is focused on deconstructing and redefining model of linear chronology and positivistic concept of time. It is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges short-story “Aleph”, and drives on the idea of connecting images, places, human body, words and numbers in the sacred Aleph; an infinite point that establishes the simultaneity of space and time. The concept of the Aleph opens paradigmatic ethnographic perception, where it is not possible to separate the real from the imaginary. This exhibition project brings together four Croatian contemporary media artists researching concept of time Antun Maračić, Andreja Kulunčić, Bojan Mucko and Ana Mušćet. I Saw a Woman in Inverness Whom I Shall Never Forget deconstruct time and space (Maračić), time as ethnography (Kulunčić), transformation of everyday objects and time (Mucko) and time in the context of politics of memory (Mušćet). Driving on ideas of these art works exhibition is focused on analysing and transformation of real and imaginary in the simultaneity of Aleph. Antun Maračić Starting point for the project is photography works of Antun Maračić No grad and its subrealism, created in Nova Gradiška on December 13 and 16th 1991 immediately after military attack at the beginning of Homeland War in Croatia. Word Grad is author's abbreviation of the name of his native city of Nova Gradiška. In Croatian language Grad means City; so No Grad means No City. For shooting the photography’s (first shot 0A, number at photo negative, he has done when he came to Zagreb, on December 13th) artist was arrested by military police. Photography’s shows us illusion of reality, moment of silence when everything stops in timeless and placeless indefinites. Antun Maračić explains “ is subrealism as a resource of life. It is life that conquers death!”


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