Gareth Kennedy 14122017

Gareth Kennedy’s work explores the social agency of the handcrafted in the 21st century and generates ‘communities of interest’ around the production and performance of experimental material cultures. Deploying an anthropological approach these works draw on the particular social, cultural and economic histories of location. Outcomes typically include architectural or designed structures, films, hand-crafted objects, printed material, as well as live performative events which bring these physical entities to life within specific public contexts. Gareth is a lecturer in Sculpture and Expanded Practice. Gareth will present a series of works influenced by the disciplines of experimental archaeology and ethnographic fiction. This will include ongoing work from a public art residency undertaken in the Gaeltacht region of Dún Chaocháin in North Mayo to reflect upon and celebrate 25 years of Tír Sáile, the North Mayo Sculpture Trail.


Uploaded on Friday 15th of December 2017
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